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Sara Maitre


My name is Sara, born July 1991 living what most would say a relaxed lifestyle. I worked virtually Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 as a performance coach at a financial institution.  Most days I would wake up just before having to log into my computer and put on a pair of leggings and a dress shirt for the camera. I would likely sit at my desk for lunch and order skip the dishes or run out quickly to grab something at a drive thru. My nights were very similar where I would walk out of my home office and immediately sit to watch TV or play video games with my significant other at the time. I had no divide between work and home any more which led to poor food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention the snacks after dinner that happened mostly because I was bored and had no stimulation to keep me feeling satisfied. I started feeling very depressed, stuck and wanting to just give up.


New Beginnings

Three years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS ( PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) and I remember the day I was told by my doctor, sitting there listening to the minimal information he could provide. I left that office with my head held high thinking I got this it is a small bump in the road, everything will be fine! As I pulled out of my parking stall at the doctors I made it to the exit and then I completely broke down and pulled aside. It hit me that this is something that requires me to not change eating habits but change my whole lifestyle. It is not going to be easy and it is not going to be quick, this is going to be a commitment to myself for the rest of my life! 

So I started to eat better, I started to workout and be a bit more active again. I was put on medication to balance my blood sugars and hormones as the main objective was to lose weight to manage my symptoms and was told nothing else. This lasted for 8 months…When covid lockdown hit I just stopped everything because I felt I didn't have a direction or guidance on how I can just “lose weight” or help with the imbalances I had with my mental health and hormone levels. So I gave up and became defeated as it seemed no matter what I did nothing was helping. I felt I had no hope and no support system no matter what I tried it wasn't going to work. Early september of 2020, I went to see friends at a birthday party after some restrictions with covid lifted and it has been some time since I have seen them. When I was getting ready I remember trying on almost my entire closet to find something that would look nice but it turned into looking for something that just “fit”. After an hour I got to a point where I didnt want to go because I realized how far I let myself go and how quickly I let my defeated thoughts take over my actions in taking care of myself. 

That day I knew I needed to make changes for the better, I was unhappy and I deserved better. So I picked myself back up and I started a conversation with a personal trainer.


Coaching Experience 

When I first met Nic I was nervous and embarrassed about how little I actually knew in health and fitness. That feeling lasted about 10 min as I quickly learned she is not there to pass judgement, she is there to genuinely help people reach their full potential in their health and fitness journey. Nic has not only shared with me what best workouts and food plans that are specific to me and my goals but she has gone the extra mile to explain why. This to me is so important so I can fully understand why she has chosen such a plan for me vs following a trend on ‘how to lose weight’. This has also given me the knowledge to use for creating my own food plans and workouts outside of the time I spend in her programs. Nic has set up weekly check ins and monthly goals to help keep me accountable for their journey and to encourage me to keep going. She has been my biggest cheerleader this last year to keep me motivated, challenges me when I need that extra push and continues to celebrate every milestone I hit. I couldn't have asked for a better coach to help me in my journey!


The Journey

As of today i have lost 37lb since i have started with Nic, I have gained confidence in my movements to work out in a public gym, I am stronger mentally and physically and i feel so much healthier and authentically me. With everything I have gained out of my journey I know how important it is to keep this lifestyle in my future as it has made my life that much richer! I have learned many lessons throughout my journey but the biggest one is to celebrate my wins. I always had a hard time with this and Nic has shown me how important it is. Working out will never leave my life again and I can't wait to see where I can go in another year with such great support cheering me on! 

Here is to another year!