212 Degree

Personal Training

Helping frustrated individuals in pain find solutions that break the pain cycle, empower the individual and

Ignite Your Potential.


Mission Statement
Break the Pain Cycle.
Empower the Individual.
Ignite Your Potential

Our Process to Ignite Your Potential.

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212 Degree Personal Training helps frustrated individuals in pain find proactive solutions that help break the pain cycle giving them confidence in their abilities and themselves, allowing for a more joyful and full life.


With our support, determined individuals can finally break free from the cycle of pain, gain freedom in their movements, and confidence in their abilities, and ignite their potential, allowing them to reclaim their active lives. 


We know that the journey to break the pain cycle can feel like a non-personalized route that leaves you feeling unheard, hopeless, and exhausted. Ultimately making you feel as if you have to accept this as your new “new normal” and live a life of limitations, pain, and discomfort.

This is not the case, it is our mission to make the path to a pain-free, more joyous life, achievable for all.

Ignite Your Potential